Land Rover Adventure

Land Rover Adventure

The Defender

The Defender is a classic car that’s made for survival. And it looks amazing!

‘Simple , Striking, Real and off course Adventurous‘

The English made this beautiful car very basic. Because of it, it’s possible to repair the car everywhere in the world.
This also means that the car isn’t perfect and sometimes it will break down.

Off course we will always solve the problems on the way but when you expect a smooth and comfortable tour this adventure might not be a perfect fit for you!

The Adventure

Please feel welcome to join our Land Rover trips through the beautiful Dutch nature, as there is no better way to experience the real adventure! All our tours start in Amsterdam.

In our single or multiple day tours we will show you all the beauty the Netherlands has to offer. A trip tailored to your wishes and needs, while fitting within each season’s weather type

Let’s take you out for a surf at the Dutch ‘Caribbean’, join a wildlife safari or drive off-road through the mud and drink a cold one after!
We can arrange it all, as long as it is in nature and adventurous! All while driving or sitting in this beautiful car indeed!

Give us a call and we are happy to share with you all adventurous possibilities!

The Price

Depending on the season and activities. Just give us a call / email and ask!

The Time

Minimum: 4 hours and 30 minutes
Maximum: The Defenders are equipped with roof-top tents so the road can go on forever!

The Info