the Netherlands

In A Defender

Selfdrive adventure

Land Rover Adventure offers various self-drive tours through the Netherlands.

On the basis of a GPS and road book you explore the Netherlands!

We also organize full outdoor weekends for companies, families and friends



Choose one of routes and take off.

With these tours you go completely independently. You decide where to go and what to do all day

Discover the Nature

A day of driving on a unpaved road while you enjoy the beautiful Dutch landscape

Discover the Culture

Learn everything about the history of the Netherlands and drive in a Land Rover

Discover the Relaxation

Wellness and relaxation in nature while enjoying a glass of wine

  • Send an emaill:
  • Whatsapp or call: +31 6 145 72 052
  • Send a direct message on Instagram: land.rover.adventure

Send an email:

Whatsapp or call:
+31 6 145 72 052 

Send a direct message on Instagram: land.rover.adventure

With a group on adventure

Always wanted to go on adventure in a Defender with a group of friend, family or colleagues?

Our road trips are fully organized and go through the Netherlands!

Please contact us for more information

Travel Agenda 2019

Check out our organized Land Rover Adventure trips. We organize weekends in the Netherlands and international trips with 4WD Travel.

Check out our Travel Agenda 2019


For more then a day in Holland? Book a night in one of this amazing hotels!


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